9th Turkey Energy Summit
and 17thEnergy Investment and Regulation Conference
October 09-10, 2018, Antalya, Turkey



The activities of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS) are stipulated by the Energy Law (Articles 10 and 15), as well as the the authorisation of AERS to request data and documents from energy entities, which are necessary for performing its activities (Article 16.).An Information Code, namely a set of tables to be filled-in by the energy entities has been developed in order to collect part of the needed data on energy entities related to performing their energy activities. The Information Code defines data and documentation needed for:

  • giving an opinion of AERS in the process of determining regulated prices, in compliance with the Energy Law (prices for the access and use of electricity transmission, electricity distribution, natural gas transportation and natural gas distribution systems, system for oil transportation via oil pipelines and oil derivatives via product pipelines, electricity and natural gas prices for tariff customers)
  • monitoring data on energy entities related to performing their energy activities.
The Information Code defines formats and time frames for submission of data to AERS.

Completed Info Code tables are submitted by e-mail to the Agency’s address: infocode@aers.rs

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Oil and oil derivatives

    12.6.2018 - Cooperation Agreement between Serbian and Bulgarian Regulator ... >> Details
    18.5.2018 - AERS 2018 Financial Plan Adopted ... >> Details
    4.5.2018 - Ten Non-Binding Bids for Use of Future Gas Pipeline ... >> Details
    22.3.2018 - President and Members of the Energy Agency Council Elected ... >> Details
    8.3.2018 - GASTRANS: Expression of Interest Notice for Submission of Non-Binding Bids for Capacity Reservation ... >> Details
    9.2.2018 - The Council of the Agency Adopted Decision on Method and Deadlines for Market Test on the Interest in the Use of Future Infrastructure Facility of the Company “GASTRANS” ... >> Details
    2.2.2018 - GASTRANS Submitted Third Party Access Exemption Application to the Energy Agency ... >> Details
    23.1.2018 - Energy Community adopts first set of Third Energy Package Network Codes and Guidelines ... >> Details
    17.1.2018 - Assessment of Infringement of Competition Rules in the Natural Gas Market in the Republic of Serbia ... >> Details
    15.12.2017 - Approval of EMS JSC Plans ... >> Details
    15.12.2017 - Approval of EMS JSC Transmission Network Code ... >> Details
    14.12.2017 - Prices of System and Ancillary Services in Power System for 2018 Set ... >> Details
    8.12.2017 - Approval of Agreements on Cross-Border Capacity Allocation ... >> Details
    31.8.2017 - Approval of Decision on Price of Non-Standard Services of EMS JSC ... >> Details
    31.8.2017 - Approval of Decision on New Electricity Guaranteed Supply Prices ... >> Details
    20.7.2017 - AERS: Approval of Electricity Distribution Network Code ... >> Details
    20.6.2017 - AERS: Approval of Yugorosgaz-Transport Transmission System Development Plan ... >> Details
    20.6.2017 - АЕRS: Independent Transmission System Operator Certificate to Yugorosgaz-transport, LLC ... >> Details
    20.6.2017 - АЕRS: Approval of Metering Equipment Transfer on the Distribution System EPS Distribucija ... >> Details
    1.6.2017 - Reports on Necessity of Electricity Price Regulation Adopted ... >> Details
    18.11.2016 - Public Consultations: Methodology for Setting Natural Gas Distribution Use-of-System Charge ... >> Details
    31.8.2016 - Agency Approves New Electricity Prices ... >> Details
    28.7.2016 - Final Customer’s Right to Access to Data on Electricity and Natural Gas Self-Consumption ... >> Details
    18.7.2016 - Approval of Decision on Prices of Non-Standard Services of “EPS Distribucija” ... >> Details
    6.7.2016 - Adopted Amendments to Methodology for Setting Natural Gas Transmission Use-of-System Charge ... >> Details
    1.7.2016 - Acknowledgment to Serbian Energy Agency Expert ... >> Details
    23.6.2016 - Lower Crude Oil Transport Charges ... >> Details
    16.6.2016 - Public Consultation – Final Customer’s Right to Access to Self-Consumption of Electricity and Natural Gas ... >> Details
    10.6.2016 - Approval of Compliance Programme of the Distribution System Operator “EPS Distribucija” ... >> Details
    26.2.2016 - Public Consultation on Draft Rulebook on Proceedings, Imposition of Measures and Register of Imposed Measures ... >> Details
    17.2.2016 - SEEPEX Launched Serbian Day-Ahead Market Successfully ... >> Details
    29.1.2016 - Public Consultation on Methodology for Setting Costs of Connection to Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Systems ... >> Details
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